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Our company as faunded in 1989 by Recep YORUK and it's called as YAP-EL KABIN. It was active in the cabin production of heavy construction equipments and tractors between 1989 - 1994 in 1994, it started to produce the band conveyor of binders which was developed and spreaded to all over the country. The production of binder band conveyor was developed according to repair, after core and replacement part between 1994 - 2008 and the company had a voice in it's sector in 2008, the company sterted to make AR-GE researches an binder which is used with tractors and can be used for harvesting sesamei and also progressed and developed it self in this area meneover, the company's designed a special machine with it's local opportunities which is used for harvesting sesame. The prototype of this machine was done. Furthermove, in short period, we are going to serve this machine to Turkish and global farmers all over the world. The company always gives importance to customer satisfaction. It focuses on customer's needs about technical assistance and after sales service.
Almet Otomotiv manufactures and supplies concrete pump spare parts, concrete pump spares, concrete pump parts, agriculture machines, agriculture machineries, agricultural machines, agricultural machineries, baling machines, balers, irrigation filter systems, sowing machines, feed mixing machines, feed mixers, fertilizer spreaders, spreaders, dough kneaders, dough kneading mahcines, concrete pump spare part, concrete pump spare, concrete pump part, agriculture machine, agriculture machinery, agricultural machine, agricultural machinery, baling machine, baler, irrigation filter system, sowing machine, feed mixing machine, feed mixer, fertilizer spreader, spreader, dough kneader, dough kneading mahcine, reaping machines, mowing-machines, reapers, mowing machines, harvesters, sugar beet harvesters, silage pulp packing machines, pulp packing machines, sail reapers, sail reaper winged harvesters, vertical feed mixers, vertical feed mixing machines, universal fertilised sowing machines, four row fertilised sowing machines, reaping machine, mowing-machine, reaper, mowing machine, harvester, sugar beet harvester, silage pulp packing machine, pulp packing machine, sail reaper, sail reaper winged harvester, vertical feed mixer, vertical feed mixing machine, universal fertilised sowing machine, four row fertilised sowing machine, concrete pump spare parts cifa, concrete pump spare parts junjin, concrete pump spare parts pumi, concrete pump spare parts putzmeister, concrete pump spare parts schwing, concrete pump spare parts sermac, concrete pump spare parts titan, concrete pump spare parts waitzinger... Our company start to job life in 1974 . We set a course for high quality and affordable price . Our company keep pace with machine park to world of changing and developing technology . Our company was established over automotive , constrution and agriculture but we work over many other sectors too . We are proud of serving in automotive , construction and agriculture sectors with hihh quality and affordable prices .
Metkarsan that was established in 1996 began to its activities in agriculture sector as manufacturer of agricultural machines through manufacturing Acrobat Rake and Silage Machines. In the next periods, it realized Drum Lawn Mower machine to meet need at the market and so it reached so many customers and successed to introduce itself in the sector. Metkarsan Agricultural Machinery that never compromise from the quality evidenced its quality through obtaining TSEK, CE, and ADEQUALITY CERTIFICATE for AFTER SALES SERVICES and guarantee certificates.
Our company has been producing , pumpkin harvester machines since 1978 in Turkey in where located in Nevsehir With 37 years’ experience, our company is the first pumpkin seed harvester producer and nowadays market leader in Turkey. Our development is supported by our values. So, values have contributed to our success and the growth of the SIMAX brand for nearly 37 years! Core of our successes are continual improve, involve employees and develop synergies through SIMAX. We are well aware that our growth and profitability depend on the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers. To develop these, we must: Understand our customers’ needs, Provide high quality and innovative products that provide the best value, Provide accessible and reliable support services. Thanks to our well-structured organisation and business philosophy in innovative approaches in what we take every steps serious. Our work builds our name: MAX Success and Integrity. SIMAX.
Paksan Makina is one of the most important producer of baler in Turkey and the World, founded by Ozhan Pak and his partners in 1970. Robot welding machines, CNC workbenches, laser cutting machines, SolidWorks drawing program and using the latest technology such as world-class machines are produced. Paksan, which has developed its product range every day, continues to add new products to its business. In addition to the production of Baler Machine, it has also added the production of Round Baler Machines, Horizontal and Vertical Feed Mixers,Self-Propelled and Row Independent Silage Machine , Tillage Machines, Movers and Rakes, Silage Packing Machines.
We, as Toscano, manufacture modern agricultural tillage, seeding, hoeing, shredding machinery above international quality standards. For decades, we are positioned as leading-guiding brand according to our production scale in Near East Region. We manufacture our products in Eskisehir/Turkey, in 45.000m2 area with +300 employees. Since our establishment, our company has achieved dozens of innovations and achieved numerous projects first time in the region. Currently, we export our products in 5 continents and provide service network through our dealers. While adopting 'creating more efficient future' corporate vision, Toscano company aims for "touching every agricultural land by 2030."
We started to work by repairing some agricultural tools and equipments in a 60m2 place in 1979. We fallowed the changing and developping agricultural technology and tried to response of our farmers demands. In order to supply the needs of our customers, we had a workshop which has got a and completing the necessary equipments and hardweares in there.It became a modern factory which has a capacity of todays modern agricultural machinery with a satisfactory technology. Our Mission *By giving a high Standard of qualified service, to take the customers’ satisfaction to a great level * To be recpectful against the time and the rights of our customers. * To increase the satisfaction and the moral valuesof our employees. * To do our responsibilities against the humanity,against our environment, and against universal values
The company was founded on March 1, 1984 in Aksaray by MEHMET DUZGUN. Between the years 1984 - 1989, the company sold used tractors and used agricultural machinery. Mehmet DUZGUN having rising gra
We; YIGITSAN AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY which took ours first steps in the business world with ours objectives inclined towards the future in 1983, hold on production activities with innovative approach. The newly established R&D unit to present the excitement of our products, our farmers are on international standard. We; (YIGITSAN AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY) produce high quality product serial and order request according to international norms as “TSE” and “CE” Quality management system. The company exports to 10 countries on three continents, our biggest goal is to become a brand internationally.
Our company is one of the most known manufacturer and exporter of different types of spare parts for combine harvester in Turkey since 1977. Italy, Poland, Romania, Ireland, UK, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Tunisia, Algeria, South Africa, South America some of the export regions of our products. Ucar Tarim is also able to supply your spare part needs according to your drawing or sample with your own logo even with series. Our company offers a wide range of products for different models of combine harvester brands. Our goal is to satisfy our clients, expand our export markets and come to a well known worldwide partner.